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McAlester Scottish Rite Scholarship for the Blind

The McAlester Scottish Rite Charitable and Educational Foundation periodically donates monies which may be distributed to blind individuals.  Only individuals who are legally blind as defined by the following federal guidelines may qualify for the scholarship:

  • 20/200 or worse in the best eye with correction for reading
  • and/or distance; or
  • visual field is less than or equal to 20 degrees in the better eye.

The amount of the individual awards and the date of distribution are highly variable.  The amount of the award will be determined by the student’s need and money available for this scholarship.  Therefore, one should not rely on this scholarship as the sole source of financial aid.  All applicants must complete this application on a yearly basis. A complete scholarship application includes the following items:

The completion and return of this application form or attach information to this application.

  • A transcript of high school credits or if the applicant has been enrolled in a college or university, a transcript of those hours must be submitted.
  • A written statement by a physician describing the disability (i.e. diagnosis, and visual acuity for left and right eyes with correction).
  • Return the completed application to Student Disability Services, Oklahoma State University, 315 Student Union, Stillwater, OK 74078 by September 2, 2013.

To apply for the McAlester Scottish Rite Scholarship for the Blind, please contact our office at either (405) 744-7116 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .